FAQ: Commissions

How long will my commissioned piece take?

The time it takes to make a piece will depend on the demand and complexity of the artwork. Typically it can take anywhere from two to twelve weeks. If you have a specific deadline in mind, please indicate that in your initial request and the artist can try to have it ready in time. Please plan ahead in those instances.

How should I communicate with the artist?

The artist will often need to refer back to prior messages to make sure all requested details are included, so please communicate through e-mail on the same thread as the initial inquiry.

What kind of reference photos should I send?

Please select 2-5 high resolution, clear photos that are taken in good lighting. The higher quality the photo is, the more detail the artist is able to pull from it. Please include photos that match the positioning of the concept and likeness of the subjects, including age, body type, facial hair preferences, glasses, clothing styles and other accessories.

Can I have prints made of my artwork?

We are able to have the artwork digitally captured and have prints made of it if we know prior to shipping the artwork.  You will not be able to have it captured on your own, as there are laws in place to protect artists from copyright infringements.  If you think you want it captured and might want prints made, please indicate that in your initial request.  Having prints made will add an additional cost and two to three weeks to the timeline.

Does my artwork come framed?

No. A frame is not included in the price of the artwork.

Are there additional shipping costs?

First class shipping costs are included in the price. Tracking information will be provided once it has shipped. If you would like to purchase insurance through the USPS, please indicate ahead of shipping and I can send you an additional invoice for those charges.

What if my piece arrives damaged?

Please contact the artist with photos of the package as it arrived.

Will my commissioned artwork be shared publicly?

The artist reserves the right to use images she has taken of the commissioned piece for marketing or advertising purposes. Personal photos, names or circumstances will not be shared unless given permission to do so.

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